Rent Portable Equipment for Oxygen Therapy Requirements

Posted on: 16 July 2021

An oxygen concentrator is the main part of your oxygen therapy equipment and is responsible for compressing and purifying the air that you will be breathing in. If the bulkiness of your equipment makes it unsuitable to use while traveling, consider renting a portable oxygen unit. A portable unit will provide you with the freedom to leave your home, without compromising your daily therapy requirements. Choosing the Right Unit Portable oxygen concentrators are often lightweight and take up a minimal amount of space. [Read More]

4 Atopic Dermatitis Triggers

Posted on: 14 June 2021

Atopic dermatitis doesn't always cause constant problems. You might be able to control the condition at some times. However, your dermatitis will flare up at other times. If you can spot triggers that cause these flare-ups, then you control your condition more effectively. Which factors might affect your dermatitis? 1. Environmental Triggers Your atopic dermatitis might give you problems when you are exposed to certain environmental factors. If you come into contact with an irritant or allergen, then your skin might suffer. [Read More]

Qualities Of A Good Weight Loss Program For Those With Limited Mobility

Posted on: 10 May 2021

When your mobility is limited, it's easy to gain weight. Lower activity levels mean you burn fewer calories than someone who is able to move around more freely. Plus, when your mobility is limited, you may have a tendency to snack in order to keep yourself occupied. If, after a period of weight gain, you are ready to start losing weight, look for a weight loss plan that suits your particular needs as someone whose mobility is limited. [Read More]

FAQs About Medical Transportation

Posted on: 14 April 2021

What do you need to know about non-emergency medical transportation? If you're new to this type of service, take a look at the top questions patients have answered. Does This Service Provide Transportation to the ER? If you have a medical emergency and need to go immediately to the emergency room, this isn't the right transportation service to choose. Emergency medical issues require an ambulance service. But if you have a routine doctor's appointment, need scheduled medical testing, or have another similar healthcare-related need, a non-emergency medical transport service can help you to arrive on time. [Read More]